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Sharing is Caring: 

We believe that it is important to share and learn together, so we are compiling a list of other virtual spaces where we like to contribute and occasionally lurk.  As we find more blogs, communities, and other sites we like (or remember ones that we forgot to post) we will add them here.  Keep checking back for updates. We hope you might find something that interests you:


  • This is Why I Teach: by Jessica Raleigh (one of our own bloggers):  Launched in 2012, this is a blog that shares the thoughtful reflections around education.
  • Learning is Change: by Ben Wilkoff: This blog was launched in 2007 to "introduce the change of Authentic Learning through technology into all education."
  • Courageous Principals: by Alex Magana:  This blog launched January 17, 2014, and works very similarly to our blog.  Alex is trying to share his perspectives on what it's like to lead a school that is managing the transition from traditional to Blended models of learning.  I'm super proud of Alex pulling the trigger on getting into the world of blogging.  


  • Blend-tastic Bombastic Personalized PD: This community started in November of 2013, and is a place for educators to connect, share and collaborate around creating personalized learning environments for adults in the field of education.
  • Student Blogging Network: This community works to share and support student bloggers by helping to build an audience and purpose for their blogs.  


Keep checking back for more . . .

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